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Brenna, 31 

I love how Go Bleachers allow us parents to see our children in action. My husband and I have been 9 hours a week so it is quite impossible for us to follow our kids’ games every time. My son Alek is in college football while my daughter, on the other hand, is part of the cheerleading team. Having Go Bleachers on our side enables us to show our support even though we cannot actually come to the event. We can see the play by play in real time and get the updates as they happen. The best thing is that I do not need to pretend that I understand the stories of my college son because I can finally watch it. This is the best thing for parents like me. 

Thomas, 19 

This is so cool. They stream almost every sports game here at this website. You only need to subscribe once and that’s it. You don’t even need to pay extra unless it is a pay per view on exclusive sports games. I tried this once during a boxing game and their uninterrupted broadcasting is really superb. You get behind the scenes news that you cannot find from mainstream broadcasting. The people behind this are really extreme. 

Bentley McCartney, 35 

I admire Go Bleachers because true to their word, they managed to put under the spotlight those much smaller leagues that do not usually make it to the big screen. Now, they are being put on a pedestal that even the playing field when it comes to gaining a much-needed exposure. They are now also being recognized not only by individuals in this state but also by people internationally.