By - Sara Mills

How To Hit A Slice Serve In Tennis

What is a Slice Serve?

In a tennis game, sometimes it is necessary to keep opponents off balance. This is when a slice serve is used. A tennis slice serve refers to a shot that is taken what is meant to alter the spin during a service game.

It is also a shot that can be used to keep your opponents off the court and give you room to initiate an offensive attack on your opponents.

Things to consider

When hitting a slice serve in tennis, there are a couple of things you need to know. A slice serve is hit by brushing the racket face into the ball. This is referred to as sidespin. There are different ways to do sidespin for left-handed people and right-handed people. The direction towards which the ball brushes is leftward.


Ensure that the forehand of your opponent is weak when deciding how to hit a slice serve. If your opponent happens to be standing far on his backhand side, then you can take the shot. The purpose of the slice serve at this point is to either to motivate a weak return or to hit an ace.

Have a good grip

You also need to have the right grip to hit a perfect serve. It is advisable to use the proper grip even though most servers prefer the continental grip instead.

Other players prefer the Eastern backhand and if you happen to be one of these players then make sure you use the racket face’s forehand side to hit the ball.

Position of your shoulders


The positioning of your shoulders is paramount when taking a slice serve shot. Ensure the side that is closest to the net is your non-dominant side. When you are tossing the ball, be sure that it does not go behind you or over the baseline. You need to work on your technique well if you want to hit the perfect tennis slice serve.