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What browser should I use?
For best viewing experience please use Google Chrome or Firefox.  Bleachers is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

What email address should I use when registering?
Use the email the school has on file for you.  If your email address does not work during the process, please contact Bleachers support for help.

How to add additional viewers: 

  •        Log In
  •        Click the Menu option and select My Account.
  •        Click “Add a New User” and add your family members.
  •        They will receive an email invitation to register a free account.

How many additional viewers can I add?
You may provide access to the Bleachers service for up to 4 additional email addresses.  It may include siblings, grandparents, or other family members.

Managing event notifications:
When registering you may select which events you wish to receive email notifications and reminders for.  You must select at least one during registration but you may change these settings later.  Keep in mind you may watch all available sports even if you don't select.

What devices can I use to watch the videos?
Bleachers service works on Mac's, PC's, iPhone's, iPads, and Android devices.  To view on tablets and smart phones download the free iPhone/iPad app or the free Android app

How can I watch videos on my mobile device (phones and tablets)?
Download a Free Bleachers app below:
- iTunes App Store (for Apple iOS devices: iPhones, iPods, iPads)
- Google Play (for Android devices)


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