Go Bleachers is an online platform which brings online streaming to a whole new level. We do not simply broadcast here big sports events but the small ones too. This creates a much more equal ground for all athletes out there – big or small. 

It was in 2015 when we started. We started small with one state at a time. We worked only on our limited resources to make the website work and sought the help of those who wanted to volunteer. Due to the dedication and hard work of everyone, we have been a success. Now, we are ready to show you the play by play as they happen in not only one, but in many states of this country. What more is that we had been instruments for many athletes to be recognized in a big way. Not only did we receive one call from athletes thanking us for the exposure, we had already been featured in many popular sports’ sites as their source in some of the news they released.  

It is not always easy to function like we do. We need to always be updated with the schedule and since we are continuously growing, encompassing many cities and states, this is not always possible. Good thing our dedicated supporters and guests who frequent the site voluntarily gives us pertinent information. Through their help, we are able to keep up with the ever dynamic schedule of sports events in various places. We owe it to you. As such, we are only more challenged to give you better a better service. Through your help, we are continuously improving for the better. 

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