BLEACHERS streams LIVE + On Demand HD video of athletics, performing arts, and special events from K-12 private boarding and independent day schools, to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

With BLEACHERS, you can view LIVE + On Demand HD events, make clips, share, and stay connected.

What events do we offer?

We offer fall, winter, and spring athletics like football, soccer, lacrosse, water polo (and much more) as well as performing arts events including plays, choral programs, and dance.

We also stream special school traditions, holiday events, and celebrations such as graduation, chapel, and guest speakers and artists.

Who is BLEACHERS™ for?

For parents who want to stay connected with every moment of their child's life, and share those moments with their friends and family.

For student athletes who want to make clips of their big plays, share them with friends, and use those clips to get recruited.

For student performers and artists who want to relive their performances with their friends and family.

For coaches who want to help their athletes review their games and share critique.

For grandparents who may not live nearby their grandchildren's schools, but still want to see them regularly.

What Drives Us?

Connecting parents, students, and the school community.

When you can’t be there in person, Be there with BLEACHERS™.