By - Sara Mills

Go Bleachers caters to everything sports-related in the whole United States

Connecting People in the Language if Sports 


Hello, guests! Thank you for taking time to visit. If you landed here, then one thing is for sure – one way or another you are a sport’s fan!  


Nowadays, there are many channels in the televisions which feature a variety of sports. Baseball and football are among the people’s favorite especially in many parts of the United States. There is also the basketball especially when it the basketball season. The popularity of these sports even gains them a whole wall in some bars and taverns in many towns and cities across the country. Many sports-themed bars are popping out everywhere. This makes the popularity of these games flourish further. It is unfortunate, however, how only big games are being featured. The smaller games like the minor leagues and the university games just stay in the shadow – hidden unless recorded and uploaded in YouTube. 


Go Bleachers wish to change this. We are an online streaming site that caters to everything sports-related in the whole United States. We live stream games here as they happen so you won’t get left behind again. Although we also do feature big league games and championships from popular teams, we never forget small games. Whether it is just a university game or a little league game, we have it covered for you. So for parents whose sons and daughters belong to these types of games, you can have access now from your home. You can hang their posters and banners now in front of your garage door in Tulsa and watch as they win their every game. It won’t anymore matter that you cannot come to the actual games because we’ll bring the game to your doorsteps.  


Why do we do this? There are many reasons. One of which is to bridge the gap between parents and their children especially those leaving away in colleges and universities. As much as many parents want to show their support on such sports game, it is not always possible. They do not always have the budget, and coming to the event venue that is across the country every few weeks is not practical. Another reason is to stop the big league from monopolizing exposure when it comes to popular sports. There are also those who belong in minor leagues who deserve the spotlight from time to time. Lastly, we want to boost the morale of the athletes and encourage them to do better. What’s better to do that than the knowledge that there are people who can actually watch you from their homes. 


How do you avail of the service we offer? Simple. All you need is to subscribe with us. After that, you can already stream all you want. The best thing about live streaming with us is that, since there are many different sports happening around the United States, you simply have too many choices to choose from. Boredom will be removed from your vocabulary and you won’t have a downtime anymore when it comes to watching your favorite sports. Interesting right? 


So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now.